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Feelin' lucky punk?

I know Canadian elections are still potentially years away, 2012 at the latest, but these things tend to creep up on you rather quickly.  Being socially very left wing but then relatively center-right on a number of issues I always tend to have a love-hate relationship with our Prime Minister regardless of his associated party.  When it comes to energy policy,  I’ve yet to pinpoint where my stance lies along the political spectrum.

In the past,  I’ve found the Liberals energy policy to be myopic and unrealistic.  Yet upon seeing the video below it surprises me to see that the liberals have begun to realize the potential of nuclear energy.

However,  like any campaign rally speech,  Ignatieff’s statements are rather bare on details, so I’ve taken it upon myself to outline how my ideal Michael Ignatieff would expand on several of his statements.  Here goes…

1.   ” If we are going to make an attack on climate change, then nuclear needs to be in the portfolio”…

Ideally he would continue…

” As a country we need to embrace nuclear as a “green” initiative in and of itself.  Nuclear’s inaccurate stigmatization over the last half a century as a dirty and dangerous source of power has and will continue handicapping Canada’s fight against climate change. We must,  as a nation and as a part of the Global community,  relearn Nuclear – the stigma must end.”

–(I’m trying to sound like a politician…it is remarkably hard)

2. ” Canada’s energy portfolio needs to include Geo-Thermal,  it has too include wind and solar…it has to include tidal

Ideally he would continue…

“but we must do so relative to the realistic applicability of these important technologies.  If technology only allows renewable energy to serve as a supplemental source of energy we will treat it as such.  We will expand our use of renewable energy only as the technology allows.

–(Still can’t get it right)

3. ” We get 1% of our energy from renewables and my party is committed to boost that by a factor of five”

Ideally he would continue…

” But this simply cannot happen in an instant.  The present state of renewable energy technologies only allows it to, unfortunately, as a supplementary technologies ( which I suppose 5% still is).  Thus, we must fund research and development of these technologies and help Canada emerge as a pioneer in advancing high load renewable energies. “…

– ( is it just me or is ideal Michael Ignatieff getting a bit repetitive?)

4. ” But I can’t see how we can do it (combat climate change) unless nuclear is in the portfolio”

I couldn’t have said it better myself Mr. Ignatieff – Oddly.

See you in 2012 or sooner. Micheal Ignatieff gets it right   Discuss

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4 Responses to “Micheal Ignatieff gets it right – Discuss”

  1. “We get 1% of our energy from renewables”

    Doesn’t hydro count as renewable? If that is included I’m pretty sure about 50% of our electricity is renewable.

  2. Patrick Izen says:

    @ Darwin – It is a renewable resource, but when looked at as part of the Ontario energy portfolio it is separate. And it’s not 50% with hydro. Hydro supplies around 25-30% (at time of posting comment it was at 22%)

  3. Paul says:

    @Patrick Izen Think you forgot about 9 provinces and 3 territories in that analysis of yours. We are talking about a Federal/election party here you know, not a provincial one :S

  4. Gomi S. says:

    why would anyone want to use crappy light bulbs that (A) are bad for your eyes, (B) have mercury in them, so if you break them, you could get cancer, (C) cost a lot more (and save you money at the cost of getting cancer and going blind)?

    it’s a bunch of BS from people who tell you to use them, because they own companies that make them, meanwhile, they know it’s bad for them and I can guarantee you NONE of them use it in their own homes!!! I’m willing to bet my life on it.

    It’s like telling people to sacrifice a lot today so that they can benefit from the profits we give them and the healthy environment we end creating for them.

    Anyone who listens to this kind of bull should have their heads examined.

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