Japan and the WTO speak out against Ontario’s Green Energy Act

daltonmcguintyvsjapanwto2 Japan and the WTO speak out against Ontarios Green Energy Act

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Dalton Mcgunity and the Ontario Liberal party have once again come under fire for their ailing Green Energy act.  This time the issue isn’t provincial, rather it seems that the negative effects of Mcguinty’s energy policy have gone global.

Last week at the WTO conference Japan submitted an appeal criticizing the projectionist nature of Ontario’s energy policy. They claimed that the nature of the act drives up the cost of renewable energy and ultimately slows its adoption.

The WTO responded to the complaint Thursday of last week in a statement issued in front of government officials and energy executives.  They sided with Japan stating that, “We all would agree barriers to trade in these areas do penalize the planet”.  The World Energy Council joined the pack arguing that “preferential” policies like those of Ontario’s result in higher energy costs and hinder the commercialization of renewable energy and other clean technologies.  The Mcguinty policies under fire are the Green Energy Act’s controversial subsidy plan that pays premium prices for renewable energy projects that take place in Ontario.

The Irony is in the name – the green energy act was promoted as a means to creating a sustainable Ontario whilst creating jobs and making Ontario a pioneer of advanced renewable technologies.  However,  it seems Mcguinty’s drive to be a pioneer has led him to forget one of the most alarming elements of climate change – it is a global issue.  The advancement of green technologies should be viewed as a global effort, not as an economic or identity building opportunity that works to impede technological progress rather than advance it.  Regardless of ones views on the negative effects of free trade,  it is undeniable that it speeds development and drives down prices (keep in mind I do not mean State development).  I agree the applicability of free trade deserves caution in some areas – but not here.  When it comes to developing and adopting renewable energy, speed and cost should come before economic opportunity.  To be competitive in renewable technologies you will simply have to find a way to make yourself competitive – don’t slow the progress to get try and get ahead.

What makes this issue all the more frustrating is that Mcguinty already has all the power to be a green energy pioneer.  Ontario has a well established nuclear power infrastructure that,  despite popular belief,  is safe, clean and efficient.  The advancement of renewable technologies is obviously important, but the technological state of wind, solar, and biomass retain them as purely supplemental energy sources.  Nuclear should be considered the ultimate clean segue into the renewable era – which unfortunately appears to be years away.  Mcguinty’s Green Energy Act largely ignores Nuclear energy as part of the solution to climate change, making the act seem more about looking Green than being green. Nuclear is a wrongly stigmatized and publicly misunderstood technology.  If Mcguinty really wants to be a pioneer he should lead a global de-stigmatization of Nuclear. Revealing to the world that the means to generating environmentally sustainable energy production is already here? How hip would you look then Dalton?

Real hip.

hipster copy1 Japan and the WTO speak out against Ontarios Green Energy Act

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3 Responses to “Japan and the WTO speak out against Ontario’s Green Energy Act”

  1. Speaking of Nuclear power, I’ve been reading the same thing about it from other Green related blogs. Like you, they also say it’s safe and clean. I guess the fear is coming from the word Nuclear itself. For ordinary people like myself, the word nuclear is kinda synonymous to radiation, bombs, meltdown, end of the world, armageddon, ragnarok, etc. but I’m learning more and more about it though which is making me more open to the idea.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Trisha, glad we could help clear the word on nuclear. I completely agree with you. There continues to be a large number of the population who still connects the word nuclear with 3 eyes fish and reactor meltdowns. That’s not to say there isn’t danger involved. There is. But modern nuclear reactors are incredibly safe and can provide immense amounts of reliable baseload carbon free electricity.

  2. Gomi S. says:

    Not incredibly safe at all.
    In 199 in Japan, the little town of Tokai where there are reactors and nuclear research facilities, there were storing barrels of nuclear waste under ground…and they started to leak…the entire town was quarantined, people panicked and the whole nation shat its pants!

    It turned out that nuclear safety engineers where dumping these cheap barrels out of view…in hopes of them magically going away!

    There are always idiots in this world who think this stuff is safe to mess with.

    Alternative to nuclear? Geothermal.
    There is enough heat underground to power nations for millions of years.
    All you have to do is dig 1200 metres.

    Don’t believe me? take a trip to Japan, every town you go to has several hot springs (called ONSENs)…where hot 90 degree C water gushes out and it is used in these bath houses (onsen)…all you need to convert that energy into electricity is a facility that can process it.

    Still want another alternative form of energy?
    There is a “box” developed by a company out of Alberta (forgot the name) that puts O2 and Hydrogen together in a form of quiet, safe and seamless combustion where H2O is formed (you can drink it) and energy is released! Last I checked O2 was abundant and 98% of our universe was made out of Hydrogen! An example of that “box” is being used today as the technology was bought/adapted by Mercedes and it is used on NE(No Emission) buses across Europe and in NE Cars…also by Mercedes.

    Why haven’t we heard about any of this?
    Two words…profit maximization!

    Why start using new technology when there is still another 42 years of fossil fuels left in this world worth milking us poor saps for?

    Yeah, keep watching TV and listening to BS CNN, Fox, sox, and all the other organizations that want you to believe this shit…they literally shovel the BS and we all eat it up.

    I bet you in 50 years, when all fossil fuels are done with, they’ll start tell you that they have this new break-through thing called the NE box…O2 and H go in >> out comes H2O and energy! Doesn’t get cleaner than that?

    Want more?
    Check out Pond Biofuels! A company in Canada (right here in Ontario).
    They developed this strand of algae that eats carbon waste…out comes bio fuel!
    They literally took the waste coming out of St. Mary’s Cement smoke stacks and pumped it into this pond full of their algae (indoors), then two weeks later the algae processed the waste into pure raw fuel.

    The left over dead algae was fed as feed to the nearby farm animals, and the fuel was used to fuel the trucks that hauled the feed to the farms!!!
    And for the kicker…the waste product of this algae was pure oxygen!

    check it out…just google pond biofuels…and you’ll see a press release from the office of Stephen Harper in December of 2009 about it.

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