Tim Hudak on Ontario Energy Policy

Tim Hudak2 copy1 300x225 Tim Hudak on Ontario Energy Policy

Envirogy: Tim Hudak on Energy

Since the results of the Toronto Star’s recent Ontario electoral poll were released,  I’ve begun to focus my attention on the ideology of opposition leader Tim Hudak. Naturally, I’m especially curious as to how he would approach Ontario’s energy policy if he were to come to power.  I’m sure as the 2011 election gets closer he will begin to more succinctly articulate his energy position, but until then, some of his recent remarks at the Ontario legislature and to the media give us some idea as to the direction he would take Ontario in this regard.  As the election approaches, I intend  on documenting all of Hudak’s comments on energy policy in this blog with hopes of  ultimately coming to some sort of conclusion as to what direction Ontario’s Energy Policy would go under a Tim Hudak – led Progressive Conservative government.  The first blog with this focus will be coming shortly…stay tuned.

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