Progressive Conservatives Making their Voice Heard on Energy Debate

250px Parti PC Party Canada 1996.svg  Progressive Conservatives Making their Voice Heard on Energy Debate

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

Looks like Tim Hudak Smells Blood…Green blood.

As reported by CFRA news talk radio, Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak has demanded the Ontario Government release a “preliminary analysis and Forecast” of Ontario Energy Costs:

The Opposition is demanding a “preliminary analysis and forecast” of electricity costs be made public by the Ontario Government.

The Ontario Energy Board acknowledges the report has been completed, but it doesn’t plan on making it public.

The Conservatives asked Premier Dalton McGuinty 10 times in the legislature whether he would make the report public.

McGuinty attacked the Conservatives’ record on hydro rates at the legislature, saying that “the fact of the matter is that they quietly presided over the gradual decay of the electricity system in the province of Ontario”

Opposition leader Tim Hudak says the Premier’s refusal to make the report public suggests he’s concealing evidence that hydro rates are going up.

Seemingly building from opposition momentum provided by a rough summer for the Liberals, it looks like Tim Hudak intends to forge ahead as an opponent to McGuinty’s controversial energy policies.  Considering its many failings this summer – botched Eco-tax implementation, misuse of funds, granting mass surplus allowances to energy industries, and general public dissatisfaction – this will surely be a breath of fresh air for the 71% of Ontarians who feel the province is going in the wrong direction.  As the 2011 election nears, hopefully the Progressive Conservatives will announce an energy plan that is more realistically committed to the environment.

Until then, Mr. Hudak, we are listening.

Source: CFRA News

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