McGuinty Government Accused of Hiring Company to “Confuse” the Public on Green Energy Policies

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According to a document obtained and released by the Ontario Progressive Conservative party, special interest group Sussex Strategy Group has planned to launch a PR campaign intended to “confuse” the Ontario public about the cost of the Green Energy Act.

The Ontario PC party came into possession of a “confidential” document describing to an unnamed green energy developer how to “probe” the Dalton McGuinty‘s Green Energy Act and expedite the Liberal’s lucrative green energy contracts. The company responsible for the document was the consulting firm Sussex Strategy Group. It suggests that the public debate on the currently-unpopular GEA must be shifted, stressing that it will be a “wedge” issue in the coming election.. To achieve this, it stresses that “it will be critical to confuse the issue” while shifting the public debate from the negatives (cost) to the positives (clean air, jobs). The document requested an initial $30,000 for the campaign, and recommended it run parallel to a $150,000 media campaign to “talk over noisey activists.” and target specific geographic areas of green energy opposition.

Ontario opposition leader Tim Hudak reacted to the discovery by stating,

“This deck contains evidence of an active push to form a special interest coalition intent on defending the McGuinty government’s costly energy experiments, including massive handouts to industry…The Ontario government and its agencies should clearly not be associated with a group whose sole mandate is to try to dupe the public. ”

A representative of Sussex Strategy admitted the group were the architects of the document, but defended it stating,

“I think it was a poor choice of words, because the effort is actually to provide clarity to the debate that right now is only about price, and to make sure that the benefits of clean energy are reflected in the debate as well,”

Liberal Energy Minister Brad Duguid denied governmental involvement in the acquisition of a consulting firm, stating that he knew nothing of the documents existence prior to its Tory release. However, Duguid admitted he was,

“not surprised that you would have those that are involved in building the green energy hub that we’re building here in Ontario concerned about where Tim Hudak wants to take it.”

Despite their denial of involvement, it would be equally unsurprising that, after the Green Energy Act’s rough beginnings, the Ontario government would be scrambling to heal public opinion. Unless finances for the project can be traced back to the Liberals, it may never be known if they were involved. Regardless, be it between activists or governments – or both – let it be known: the election-time energy wars have officially begun.

Source: CTV News McGuinty Government Accused of Hiring Company to Confuse the Public on Green Energy Policies
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