Sardines, Jackfruit being converted into Biofuels in India.

300px Sardalye Sardines, Jackfruit being converted into Biofuels in India.

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The State Task Force on Biofuels in Mangalore, India, is designing alternative energy initatives intended to increase the production of biofuels from agricultural waste.

Most interesting , is their plan to convert jackfruit, cashew apples, and sardine oil into biofuel.  Chairman of the State Task Force Y.B. Ramakrishna stresses that coastal regions of India must become more dependent on biofuels made from agricultural waste. The coastal districts  of Mangalore have a rich surplus of the aforementioned items,  all of which are perfect for biofuel conversion.

According to, about 50,000 to 70,000 tonnes of sardine oil is exported to Europe from India yearly.  Typically this oil is used to extract Omega- 3,  leaving residual oils rich in energy. This leftover oil can then be converted into a variety of biofuels,  including bio-diesel and bio ethanol.  Similarly, 40,000 tonnes of cashew apples go to waste in India every year,  which is enough to produce 15,000 to 16,000 tonnes of bio-ethanol.

Upon a brief Google search, I found the practice of converting fish oil into Biofuel is not all that unique.

In Nova Scotia, Ocean Nutrition Canada, a company that sells omega-3 fatty acids made from fish oil, is executing a similar practice. It started converting the fish oil run off from omega-3 extraction into biofuel to be used in its own facilities. Over time it began selling to a local gas station chain who would then blend it with B20 .

Alaska, too, has a history of using fish oil as Biofuel.  According to Alaska Energy Authority, fish processors produce approximately 8 million gallons per year of fish oil from as a byproduct of fish meal plants. Much of the oil is used in the process as boiler fuel for drying the fish meal…”

Also occurring in Alaska, Denali National Park has embraced the use of fish oil for biofuel, using it in park generators and vehicles.

Before applauding this effort, one would have to look into the sustainability of such a practice on fish and crop stocks, but regardless, this is another interesting step in the right direction.


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 Sardines, Jackfruit being converted into Biofuels in India.
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  1. Omega 3 fatty acids are the most healthy oils a person can consume, either as supplements or from seafood. I just can’t speak highly enough about them.

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