Toronto Star Predicts Top 5 Energy Trends of 2011

happy new year 300x196 Toronto Star Predicts Top 5 Energy Trends of 2011

Happy New Year!

In an article written in the Toronto Star today, energy columnist Tyler Hamilton predicted what he thinks will be the top five energy trends of 2011.

Considering the rough year for energy policy Ontarians faced throughout 2010, I thought it appropriate to post a little pick-me-up to jump start 2011. Here is a quick list of what Hamilton thinks will make headlines throughout the coming year,  some of which would be good, others…not so good.

1. Plug-in electric vehicles (good! )

2. Higher oil prices   (bad)

3. Smart grid/Smart homes    (We’ll see)

4. Increased emphasis on energy efficiency (If this means nuclear? yes please.)

5. Decreased price of solar PV panels   (Good)

I recommended reading the full article at The Star

It will be interesting to see if Hamilton’s predicted trends come to fruition.  I sense that 2011 will be a very energy-centric year here in Ontario. With the Green Energy Act under heavy criticism and a Provincial Election on the horizon,  energy will surely be a topic of heavy debate throughout the year.

Here’s hoping that the rough 2010 for Ontario energy policy won’t be followed by a sequel.

Happy New Year,


 Toronto Star Predicts Top 5 Energy Trends of 2011
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