B.C’s Geothermal Love Expands to Surrey

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Within two years, B.C’s second largest city will have a Geothermal energy distribution system operating at its city Center.

Second only to Vancouver in population,  Surrey is located North East of B.C’s island capital of Victoria.   The city has made plans to create a municipally owned Geothermal hub at its city center.  The central hub will be capable of supplying heating, cooling, and hot water to new construction projects in and around the city center by 2013.

“We will have to be up and running when it’s due for completion in the latter half of 2013,” said city utilities manager Jeff Arason.

The geothermal supply chain will not be limited to new city owned buildings as there are plans to make the service available to private high-density structures as well.

Geothermal energy has garnered an exceptional reputation in both the financial and environmental realms.  Its supplied energy is cheap and environmentally sound,  which partially eliminates the need for energy demanding water heaters, furnaces, and air conditioning units.

B.C has been a pioneer in adopting geothermal energy supply hubs in its Urban centers. Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Victoria have already established similar systems.  Surrey hopes to develop its own unique system based on these already well established infrastructures.   Like Vancouver, and unlike North Vancouver and Victoria,  Surrey plans to keep it’s Geothermal system municipally owned.



 B.Cs Geothermal Love Expands to Surrey
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