Nuclear Power: An Infographic

Np12 Nuclear Power: An Infographic

Np21 Nuclear Power: An Infographic

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2 Responses to “Nuclear Power: An Infographic”

  1. Thank you very much for an excellent review of history and future of nuclear power. I am sure that nowadays nuclear power is the only realistic and proper source of energy that enables existence and further development of our civilisation. Unfortunately, common people know about nuclear power very little or do not know anything. That is why many of them insist on stopping its usage. I am very unhappy about Germany’s decision to abandon nuclear power. Especially it is surprising because Angela Merkel is a scientist who worked in the Academy of Science of East Germany for many years.
    Your Infographics about nuclear power helps people better understand contemporary problems and contributes to solve them in a right way.
    Thank you once more.

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