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When Envirogy was launched over a year ago it was formulated on the simple
premise that energy and environmental policy had become hopelessly
entangled.  So we took it upon ourselves to make sense of that dense ball of

Envirogy attempts to explain the exhausting minutia of global energy policy,
technological developments in regards to clean energy, the rise and ever
increasing influence of the environmental movement, both globally and here at home in Ontario – and how these all affect
our daily lives.

We’ll be honest, all of us here are a little biased towards ideas and policy  firmly rooted in
rational, practical solutions – we can’t help it, we’re suckers for pragmatism.

As the demand and shape of the global energy
markets changes and evolves we will be there to simplify, comment, and

If you wish to get in touch with us, feel free to follow on Twitter @Envirogy or send us an email at info@envirogy.ca

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