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OPG posts sharp increase in net profits from 2008-2009

Earlier this week Ontario Power Generation (OPG) released their 2009 financial results and the news is good.  Net income for the year was $623 million compared to net income of $88 million for the year ended December 31, 2008.  Well this is some good news.  Tom Mitchell, President and CEO of OPG, attributes this to [...]

Radiation breakdown

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) says as many as 196 workers may have been exposed to radioactivity at the Bruce nuclear power station on the shores of Lake Huron while refurbishing a reactor in late November. It is believed to be one of the largest mass exposures to radiation at a Canadian nuclear site. [...]

Short-sighted sell outs

Governments the world over have, in the past couple of years, come into some hard times. As is the tradition when these deficit defining periods arise is the suggestion to sell off public institutions to private parties. The idea to sell off public assets is indeed lucrative but selling our historical heirlooms to satisfy a [...]

China loves CANDU

An expert panel appointed by the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has concluded that CANDU® technology is the ideal nuclear reactor design to further China’s nuclear power program using thorium as an alternative nuclear fuel source. The panel also noted the ability of CANDU pressurized heavy water reactors (PHWR) to reuse uranium recycled from light [...]

the great CANDU sell-off

Well its official, the government has put the CANDU division of the AECL up on the bidding block. As anyone who has followed this story knows, this day was inevitable and now the bids will hopefully fly. In a news release, the government said bids would be assessed on how well they meet a number [...]

Alberta's nuclear future

Alberta will not stand in the way of the construction of nuclear power plants, Energy Minister Mel Knight said Monday, following the release of a telephone survey that suggests 45 per cent of Albertans want nuclear plants approved on a case-by-case basis. “There’ll be no moratorium,” Knight told reporters at the Alberta legislature. “We are [...]

What to CANDU?

As the world sits on the precipice of a massive increase in energy consumption, individual nations are looking for ways to produce energy while limiting their carbon output. Although the starry-eyed renewable cheerleaders would have you believe that wind, solar, and geo-thermal will fill the gap, the realists would beg to differ. Indeed it seems [...]

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