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Will they do it? The World Bank is divided on providing loans for dirty fuel

Today the World Bank (WB) will make a decision on whether or not to provide $3.7 billion worth of loans to South African – based power utility Eskom, the world’s fourth largest power company and Africa’s largest carbon emitter (with 40% of South Africa’s total emissions).  Spotty electricity supply which have caused billions of dollars [...]

Dismal winter exposes cracks in green infrastructure

Earlier this month British Prime minister Gordon Brown backed up his green energy rhetoric by launching a £100bn program to build thousands of offshore wind turbines that could power most of Britain’s households during strong winds and are crucial to meeting the country’s renewable targets. The projects will be bigger than anything which exists today [...]

Brazilian blackout: A reason for the smart grid?

If you haven’t heard yet, a massive blackout Tuesday night plundered much of Brazil into darkness. The blackout began around 10:15 pm on Tuesday night and lasted in some areas till about 2:45 am Wednesday morning. The blackout also effected Paraguay but on a much smaller scale with power being restored after about 15 minutes. [...]

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