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Mr. Suzuki, it’s evolution not revolution

Please Mr. Suzuki, promote evolution not revolution. In a recent article written for,  Canadian celebrity environmentalist David Suzuki suggested that electric cars won’t be enough to curb unsustainable carbon emissions caused by transportation, “Technological developments [such as electric cars etc.] are welcome, but maybe it’s time we started rethinking our car culture as whole. [...]

No nukes!!! Same old story from the Greenocracy

So some new news from Greenpeace.  Kumi Naidoo was appointed executive director of the environmental campaign group Greenpeace International this month after two decades leading civil society groups in Africa and internationally. Mr. Naidoo, 44, who is from South Africa, takes over the role at a time when environmentalism increasingly enjoys mainstream status.  Here is [...]

A convenient conspiracy

[digg=] In the climate change debate as in life there will always be a couple of folks who argue for the sake of argument. Maybe they’re just a little angry they missed the boat or could it be that they have a genuine disillusionment with the consensus that man-made pollution has an impact on rising [...]

Are we killing ourselves with Satire?

[digg=] Climate Change is here and while a couple of kooky fringe artists continue to question it’s existence the rest of us have come to grips with the fact that we are heating up this earth. Indeed global warming is the defining issue of our generation and lack of substantive action will have a dire [...]

It's getting hot in here. Let's get violent!

Earlier today I was trying to procure some information via the intera-web about the connection between global warming/climate change and depression. Suffice to say I didn’t really find anything that specific, I did come across two interesting studies that suggest that violent crime and warmer temperatures are interconnected. These studies are over 10 years old [...]

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