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Our oily elephant

In the eye of any passive observer Canada seems to be the proverbial dog of these Copenhagen climate discussions. We are being lambasted by NGO’s and the UN as a laggard when it comes to emission reduction targets, Carbon pricing and funding for developed nations who are shifting away from carbon intensive energy. Canadian emissions [...]

Holmes on Copenhagen

Climate-change negotiators here call it “adaptation” through the use of “technology.” Canada’s best-known handyman calls it building a better house. So while bureaucrats and politicians hash out a global deal to cut emissions by billions of tonnes over the next few decades and transform a carbon-based economy into one powered by wind, sun and water, [...]

This is great news…..

Well here’s another great reason to lose all hope for Copenhagen. The UN Copenhagen climate talks are in disarray today after developing countries reacted furiously to leaked documents that show world leaders will next week be asked to sign an agreement that hands more power to rich countries and sidelines the UN’s role in all [...]

Bobby D and the UN

Bob Dylan has star billing at the climate change summit in Copenhagen… or at least, his music does. The United Nations has adopted one of his songs, A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall, as its unofficial anthem for the talks. This is a song best known for channelling the fears of a generation living under [...]

Geo-Engineering: China's Game Opening Volley

[digg=] Join Jo Ferguson In the Near-Future Explore your options at: Christmas came in early in China this year, as the whole world witnessed the well covered results of China’s efforts to Geo-Engineer it’s way out of the effects of drought…which to the better informed might actually be the effects of Climate Change,  industrial [...]

Social Climate: Alternative Media (P-I)

[digg=] Aside from a few notable exceptions, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that most of the Mainstream Media won’t be directly involved in actually MAKING any environmental news by at least driving any progressive or new Public Opinions. Fair enough, becauseas we’ve already discussed, It’s not really their job to upset Advertisers much less rail against [...]

Wanna talk about next year.

  [digg=] So it looks like Copenhagen is going to be a bust. I know I know all that grassroots organization utilizing this wonderful social nexus known as the web has all been in vain. Thanks anyway, tcktcktck, and Hopenhagen but frankly a Copenhagen deal looks pretty unlikely. As UN Climate chief Yvo de [...]

Social Climate: Mediating Mob Mentalities (2 of 2)

[digg=] In a previous examination of the “Social Climate”, we briefly looked at the Mainstream Media’s well established role as a multi-faceted driver of Public Opinion. From here on in we’ll simply presume upon its more or less  overt roles in generating public and social ‘change’ in its representations of Public perceptions, and thus the [...]


I just came across this great petition called Hopenhagen; Hopenhagen is a movement, a moment and a chance at a new beginning. The hope that in Copenhagen this December – during the United Nations Climate Change Conference – we can build a better future for our planet and a more sustainable way of life. It [...]

Social Climate: Mediating the Mob Mentality (1of2)

[digg=] As we get nearer to the Copenhagen Conference, we collectively continue to gauge the ‘Social Climate’ for effecting genuine change. All the while still searching for any obvious signs of the required Social, Cultural, and Political motivations and leadership factors that can, and should drive some new points of agreement home before this momentous occasion expires… [...]

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