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Wind energy: The most expensive way to not make a difference

Renewable Power is downright expensive and don’t let people tell you different. It also doesn’t do enough to cut back on Co2 emissions.  Now this sounds like some straight up bullsh*t if you been listening to the free rhetoric wind advocates, environmentalists and politicians get to freely spew on a world looking for any positive [...]

Green Economy in Ontario?

The call for a massive transformation of our manufacturing sector from a ‘blue’ collar workforce to that of a ‘green’ collar one has had significant influence on our elected leaders as they weight the different options to spur an economic revival. The Green Energy Act (GEA) is hedged upon the very idea that ‘green’ jobs [...]

This is great news…..

Well here’s another great reason to lose all hope for Copenhagen. The UN Copenhagen climate talks are in disarray today after developing countries reacted furiously to leaked documents that show world leaders will next week be asked to sign an agreement that hands more power to rich countries and sidelines the UN’s role in all [...]

Putting all our eggs in the nuclear basket

Two senators unveiled legislation Monday to double US nuclear energy output in 20 years and foster clean energy options with “mini-Manhattan Projects”named for the original US atomic bomb push. The ‘Clean Energy Act of 2009′ introduced by Democratic Senator Jim Webb (Va) and Republican Senator Lamar Alexander (Tenn), noting they cannot support “cap-and-trade” climate change [...]

Social Climate: Alternative Media (P-I)

[digg=] Aside from a few notable exceptions, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that most of the Mainstream Media won’t be directly involved in actually MAKING any environmental news by at least driving any progressive or new Public Opinions. Fair enough, becauseas we’ve already discussed, It’s not really their job to upset Advertisers much less rail against [...]

Wanna talk about next year.

  [digg=] So it looks like Copenhagen is going to be a bust. I know I know all that grassroots organization utilizing this wonderful social nexus known as the web has all been in vain. Thanks anyway, tcktcktck, and Hopenhagen but frankly a Copenhagen deal looks pretty unlikely. As UN Climate chief Yvo de [...]

Social Climate: Mediating Mob Mentalities (2 of 2)

[digg=] In a previous examination of the “Social Climate”, we briefly looked at the Mainstream Media’s well established role as a multi-faceted driver of Public Opinion. From here on in we’ll simply presume upon its more or less  overt roles in generating public and social ‘change’ in its representations of Public perceptions, and thus the [...]

Social Climate: Mediating the Mob Mentality (1of2)

[digg=] As we get nearer to the Copenhagen Conference, we collectively continue to gauge the ‘Social Climate’ for effecting genuine change. All the while still searching for any obvious signs of the required Social, Cultural, and Political motivations and leadership factors that can, and should drive some new points of agreement home before this momentous occasion expires… [...]

COP15: Voices for Climate Change

[digg=] Do not be fooled by any imitators… There are all sorts of sites out there that are vying for visibility in all the limelight being cast around the impending U.N.Climate Change Conference that’s being held in Copenhagen in December. There’s the Copenhagen Climate Council, the Climate Change Congress , the International Conference on Climate [...]

Blog Action Day: A Social Climate for Change

[digg=] So the results are in, and the raw numbers look pretty good. The actual “action” in yesterdays Blog Action Day however seems to have been more about the process of rounding up participants, than what the net effect would be in terms of any actually ‘actionable’ items. Nevertheless, if we consider this collective exercise [...]

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