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The Wind Stops Blowing in the U.K as Geothermal Heats up in Canada

It appears the momentum gained by the wind energy industry over the last few years is beginning to slow, at least in the U.K. U.K analysts are suggesting that by 2013, the installation of offshore wind farms will drop 93%. The slump is being predicted by an equal drop in sales of equipment used to [...]

The Problem with the current era of popular environmentalism: A micro and macro critique – Part 1

Micro:  Why pop-environmentalists need to take their hands out of the cookie jar As 2010 begins to wind down, the “green” movement has reached a critical stage of maturity.  From diet alterations to concerns over one’s ecological footprint,  the Western world has entered what seems to be- at least on the surface- a popularized and [...]

Geo Engineering: Pumping sulfate particles into the stratosphere

As we gear up towards the Copenhagen climate conference next month a once optimistic disposition held by political leaders, environmentalists, and scientists has transformed itself into despair. Indeed the final nail in the coffin for any binding Co2 reduction treaty to was realized this weekend as APEC leaders were backing off earlier plans that would [...]

Geo-Engineering: China’s Game Opening Volley

[digg=] Join Jo Ferguson In the Near-Future Explore your options at: Christmas came in early in China this year, as the whole world witnessed the well covered results of China’s efforts to Geo-Engineer it’s way out of the effects of drought…which to the better informed might actually be the effects of Climate Change,  industrial [...]

Superfreakonomics: what happened to moral ambiguity?

When Freakonomics came out in 2005 I was blown away. It was such a new style of critical thinking about how we look at professional competition, crime rates, and success to name a few. It became the run-away book that year and is now used as a text in sociology courses at some pretty distinguished [...]

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