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Can Fukushima Happen In Ontario? New Report Says Impossible

In the wake of Fukushima’s nuclear accident, Ontario Power Generation revaluated its safety and emergency preparedness.
OPG filed a report with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission at the end of April which included a review of its systems and equipment. It concluded that Ontario’s nuclear plants are safe and will continue to be. However, there is always room for improvement and OPG is now exploring ways to better deal with spent fuel rods and excess hydrogen build up.

The Problem with the current era of popular environmentalism: A micro and macro critique – Part 1

Micro:  Why pop-environmentalists need to take their hands out of the cookie jar As 2010 begins to wind down, the “green” movement has reached a critical stage of maturity.  From diet alterations to concerns over one’s ecological footprint,  the Western world has entered what seems to be- at least on the surface- a popularized and [...]

MaRS Cleantech TV : Green Energy Act interview part 1

I came across this interview after watching some stuff on Tom Rand.  I’m pretty sure its from late last year (2009) and it goes over why two former IT venture capitalists think that the Green Energy Act is going to put Ontario at the fore-front of the ‘green’ revolution.  Notice the skepticism of the interviewer. [...]

A shining example of conservation policy? Look westward

Earlier this year the World Economic Forum in partnership with IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates (IHS CERA)  a leading global energy advisory group, released the Energy Vision Update 2010: Towards A More Energy Efficient World. The report provides the chief executive officers and senior executives of the world’s leading companies as well as select energy [...]

A smart meter for your troubles?

Smart Meters are supposed believed to be a less costly alternative to traditional interval or time-of-use meters billing customers by how much is consumed and at what time of day will force consumers to adjust their consumption habits to be more responsive to market prices.  It’s also believed billing customers by how much is consumed [...]

'Clean15' announces new contest

The second “Clean 15“  competition was launched yesterday and the expectations for this years entries are extremely optimistic.     The “Clean 15″ clean-tech competition connects visionary large companies with Canadian clean-tech opportunities. The relationships are intended to facilitate commercialization for Canada’s clean-tech researchers and developers, as well as support and stimulate the country’s clean-tech [...]

A place for optimism

For those who didn’t catch my post yesterday I basically lambasted the doomsday scenario apostles and their approach to the future. I feel that dwelling in a defeatist attitude i.e. “No oil = the end of western civilization” is an excuse to ignore the ability of human ingenuity and collective thinking. After throwing my post [...]

'Time of use pricing' will help us all

If you throw in a load of laundry at five o’clock on a weekday afternoon, it will cost you 73 cents. But if you delay that chore until late in the evening, you’ll pay just 34 cents. Ontario is the first province in Canada to introduce time-of-use pricing designed to encourage electricity consumers to reduce [...]

Brazilian blackout: A reason for the smart grid?

If you haven’t heard yet, a massive blackout Tuesday night plundered much of Brazil into darkness. The blackout began around 10:15 pm on Tuesday night and lasted in some areas till about 2:45 am Wednesday morning. The blackout also effected Paraguay but on a much smaller scale with power being restored after about 15 minutes. [...]

Do we need a smart grid?

Smart grids whats the deal? Endless surveys suggest that consumers would embrace them enthusiastically. Barack Obama is a big fan: he rated them as one of the highlights of America’s stimulus bill, which lavished $3.9 billion on them. Businesses, not to be out done, are investing with at an alarming rate. No one, it seems, [...]

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