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Wind energy: The most expensive way to not make a difference

Renewable Power is downright expensive and don’t let people tell you different. It also doesn’t do enough to cut back on Co2 emissions.  Now this sounds like some straight up bullsh*t if you been listening to the free rhetoric wind advocates, environmentalists and politicians get to freely spew on a world looking for any positive [...]

Putting all our eggs in the nuclear basket

Two senators unveiled legislation Monday to double US nuclear energy output in 20 years and foster clean energy options with “mini-Manhattan Projects”named for the original US atomic bomb push. The ‘Clean Energy Act of 2009′ introduced by Democratic Senator Jim Webb (Va) and Republican Senator Lamar Alexander (Tenn), noting they cannot support “cap-and-trade” climate change [...]

Why the Green Energy Act misses the target.

I was lazily perusing an outdated (Sept.30, who likes old news) Globe and Mail last Monday on my day off, trying to recover from the bountiful amount of turkey and stuffing I had consumed over Sunday when I came across a full page ad/op-ed piece by the Power Workers’ Union (PWU). Now for those of [...]

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