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Canada and oil: Street hustler vs. Addiction Counsellor

Three of the biggest oil companies in Canada are projected to receive more in corporate tax cuts than what the Harper government plans to spend on green initiatives, an analysis by the NDP concludes.  The analysis estimates that Encana, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. and Imperial Oil will benefit from more than $440 million in tax [...]

Our oily elephant

In the eye of any passive observer Canada seems to be the proverbial dog of these Copenhagen climate discussions. We are being lambasted by NGO’s and the UN as a laggard when it comes to emission reduction targets, Carbon pricing and funding for developed nations who are shifting away from carbon intensive energy. Canadian emissions [...]

Are we Saboteurs?

Is Canada one of the leading road-blocks for a comprehensive climate change treaty to come out of Copenhagen? No no of course not. We’re Canadians right? We believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming. In all progressive international agreements from peace keeping to nuclear non-proliferation treaties, human rights legislation to the establishment of an International criminal court, [...]

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