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Carl Sagan’s Heaven and Hell: A compelling argument for action on global warming

Pond Scum Power!

While the rest of us have been arguing about this or that form of energy, scientists have been steadily improving the world’s next amazing technology: pond scum power. Actually, hydrogen produced from algae. Researchers at MIT recently found a way to boost the organism’s hydrogen production by 400%, bringing the process one step closer to [...]

Waste to energy, a long term solution to fuel shortages?

For the past half-century, the western world has been searching for an energy elixir, some cure-all power source that can carry us past fossil fuels, and along the way we’ve eagerly consumed our share of snake oil — cold fusion, hydrogen cells, wind, solar, ethanol — some were mirages; “energy sources of the future” that [...]

Gasoline Prices in Canada, Are Canadians Being Gouged?

Canada, one of the largest oil producers in the western hemisphere is facing something of a mini gas crisis. For the third week in a row, gas prices have risen, to the point that gas is now closing in on the dreaded dollar-fifty-per-litre level, a price heretofor unseen in this country. As the price of [...]

The History of Hydro Power

The Hidden Cost of Canada’s Oil Sands

Alberta’s vast oil sand deposits are a point of major contention in Canada; on one hand, they have created a boom industry that has done much to buoy the sagging Canadian economy, and on the other, they have come under major fire from watchdog groups for the environmental damage the sands are responsible for. Many [...]

U of T economist predicts Ontario’s hydro bills will rise astronomically

In a speech delivered to a crowded hall in Meaford, Ontario, renowned University of Toronto law and economics professor Michael Trebilcock warned that Ontarian’s Hydro bills were set to increase by as much as 2.5 times by 2030. According to Trebilcock, the dramatic increase in energy prices can be attributed to the Ontario government’s decision [...]

An Informative Energy Infographic

Huron County gets a taste of the Green Energy Act

Surprise! The Green Energy Act is back doing what it does best, upsetting locals and being a massive inconvenience to municipal governments, as Susan Hundertmark reports from the Huron Expositor. Huron County councillors are listening to the concerns of their constituents, who are fearful of the health effects caused by wind turbines. Like many other [...]

Environment’s greatest foes to face justice?

Almost a year after the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster,  it appears oil giant British Petroleum may have to face the music in court after all.  The trial, still only a possibility, hinges around whether or not the corner-cutting perpetrated by BP managers knowingly endangered Deepwater workers and directly led to the 11 deaths that occurred aboard the rig. Though [...]

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