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Liberals Vote to Conceal Samsung Energy Deal Details

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Last week at the Ontario Legislature, Progressive Conservative Energy Critic John Yakabuski put forward a motion requesting that the Ontario government reveal the details of its controversial $7 Billion dollar Green Energy agreement with Samsung.  The Liberals voted the deal remain concealed, whichwindconcernsontario suggests prevents analysis of the ”long-term impact on business and Ontario families who will [...]

The Problem with the current era of popular environmentalism: A micro and macro critique – Part 1

Micro:  Why pop-environmentalists need to take their hands out of the cookie jar As 2010 begins to wind down, the “green” movement has reached a critical stage of maturity.  From diet alterations to concerns over one’s ecological footprint,  the Western world has entered what seems to be- at least on the surface- a popularized and [...]

Tim Hudak likes the simple targets

This editorial appeared in the Toronto Star yesterday. Tim Hudak’s provincial Conservatives have jumped on the anti-wind bandwagon. They say the issue pits “elitist special interests” against “local families.”  That is a false dichotomy. What’s really at issue in the wind debate is how to close dirty coal-fired power plants and keep the lights on. [...]

Wind energy: The most expensive way to not make a difference

Renewable Power is downright expensive and don’t let people tell you different. It also doesn’t do enough to cut back on Co2 emissions.  Now this sounds like some straight up bullsh*t if you been listening to the free rhetoric wind advocates, environmentalists and politicians get to freely spew on a world looking for any positive [...]

The winds of climate-change

A new MIT analysis may serve to temper enthusiasm about wind power, at least at very large scales. Ron Prinn, TEPCO Professor of Atmospheric Science, and principal research scientist Chien Wang of the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, used a climate model to analyze the effects of millions of wind turbines that would [...]

Our unstable footing

On Wednesday Ontario Energy Minister Brad Duguid announced at Durham College in Whitby that the province is awarding its first major contracts under the so-called feed-in-tariff program – FIT for short – which pays premium prices for renewable power.  The Ontario government awarded just over $8-billion in renewable energy projects to dozens of companies, making [...]

Former OPA head has the right idea

This is an oldie but a goodie.  The fifth estate did a story in 2008 entitled  “The Gospel of Green”.  The piece basically praises the renewable movement in Germany under the divine supervision of Hermann Scheer or as he has been aptly nicknamed  ‘Europe’s Al Gore’.  The piece then goes on to question the conventional [...]

Rick Mercer video pokes cheap fun…while exposing the turth

I came across this video on you tube today and couldn’t help but laugh.  Obviously it’s pretty old but I think that it’s more relevant today then when it was made. Instead of cheer leading Ontario’s move to renewable energy Mercer questions it by simplifying the general concept, comparing it to markets that are reliant [...]

Following Germany to Dunceville

As Ontario politicians continue to promote the Green Energy Act and its perceived, but yet unproven advantages. As Brad Duguid, the newly appointed Minister of energy and Infrastructure has been actively promoting the Green Energy Act (GEA) and its Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program in the Ontario news outlets, websites such as Wind Concerns Ontario, a [...]

No experience? What about innovation?

The Ontario governments announcement last week of a $7 billion ‘manufacturing’ investment deal with Samsung has been met with a large amount of criticism and scorn. Many people are wondering why a back room agreement had to be utilized to hook the South Korean giant. With all the government bailouts and corporate malfeasance that has [...]

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