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Mr. Suzuki, it’s evolution not revolution

Please Mr. Suzuki, promote evolution not revolution. In a recent article written for,  Canadian celebrity environmentalist David Suzuki suggested that electric cars won’t be enough to curb unsustainable carbon emissions caused by transportation, “Technological developments [such as electric cars etc.] are welcome, but maybe it’s time we started rethinking our car culture as whole. [...]

Did we learn anything?

The Deepwater Gulf of Mexico oil spill of 2010 is rapidly moving towards the status of the worst accident in U.S. history, and as the disaster moves into its third week a lot of questions are still unanswered, the most obvious being, when is this thing going to stop spewing? If current estimates for the [...]

Canada and oil: Street hustler vs. Addiction Counsellor

Three of the biggest oil companies in Canada are projected to receive more in corporate tax cuts than what the Harper government plans to spend on green initiatives, an analysis by the NDP concludes.  The analysis estimates that Encana, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. and Imperial Oil will benefit from more than $440 million in tax [...]

Nuclear Aspirations

The recent announcement by the Obama administration to guarantee an $8 billion loan to support the construction of two nuclear reactors in Georgia has set off a firestorm of intense debate and fractions divide between clean energy advocates, environmentalists and everyone in between. Indeed the administrations decision has focused the spotlight on rifts that have [...]

Small thinking for big problems

I watched a riveting movie last night that kept me intrigued and involved, which is a pretty sizable feat. Collapse, directed by Chris Smith (American Movie, Yes Men), is an American documentary film exploring the theories, writings and life story of controversial author Michael Ruppert. Collapse premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September [...]

Congress likes nuclear

For those who didn’t catch it last night, President Barack Obama’s state of the Union was the same ceremonious, self-adulating event that all state of the unions are. Praise the American people for all their hard work and gumption, Point out all the things your administration has done to protect jobs, American interests, etc, and [...]

Google gets into the energy game

Google took a step toward entering the energy business with the creation of a subsidiary called Google Energy and a request with a federal agency to buy and sell electricity on the wholesale market. The search giant formed a Delaware-based company called Google Energy on December 16 of last year, according to Delaware state records. [...]

This is great news…..

Well here’s another great reason to lose all hope for Copenhagen. The UN Copenhagen climate talks are in disarray today after developing countries reacted furiously to leaked documents that show world leaders will next week be asked to sign an agreement that hands more power to rich countries and sidelines the UN’s role in all [...]

The atomic headache.

[digg=] So it seems that nuclear has become entangled in the debate over America’s energy future with senate republicans calling for nuclear power to play a much larger role in the energy and climate bill. John Rowe, chief executive of Exelon—the biggest operator of nuclear plants in the country – has called for an inclusion [...]

Population Control: Dilluting the real problem

Simple question maybe you can answer it. Are climate change and population growth inseparable? Jo Ferguson has been writing a series examining the population control issue and I just felt like getting my hands dirty. Most people, myself included would answer inexplicably yes of course they are, more people equates more mouths to feed, more [...]

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