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Why are we selling this off?

Nuclear reactors in mainland China

Earlier this week Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL) announced that it had successfully burned a fuel bundle that uses Natural Uranium Equivalent (NUE).  NUE is fuel is made by mixing recovered uranium from spent fuel of light water reactors with depleted uranium from enrichment plant tails. According to AECL President and Chief Executive Officer, [...]

Green Economy in Ontario?

The call for a massive transformation of our manufacturing sector from a ‘blue’ collar workforce to that of a ‘green’ collar one has had significant influence on our elected leaders as they weight the different options to spur an economic revival. The Green Energy Act (GEA) is hedged upon the very idea that ‘green’ jobs [...]

A place for optimism

For those who didn’t catch my post yesterday I basically lambasted the doomsday scenario apostles and their approach to the future. I feel that dwelling in a defeatist attitude i.e. “No oil = the end of western civilization” is an excuse to ignore the ability of human ingenuity and collective thinking. After throwing my post [...]

Thorium anyone?

With the official announcement late last month that the CANDU reactor technology is now on the bidding block, the Harper government has signaled its disgraceful exit form the nuclear power market deciding instead to maintain a public hold over R and D and isotope production. As many economists and political historians welcome the proposed sale, [...]

China loves CANDU

An expert panel appointed by the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has concluded that CANDU® technology is the ideal nuclear reactor design to further China’s nuclear power program using thorium as an alternative nuclear fuel source. The panel also noted the ability of CANDU pressurized heavy water reactors (PHWR) to reuse uranium recycled from light [...]

8 effective eco-ads

I read a great post this week over at enviralment about the greening of Mcdonald’s, and the length that companies will go to sell themselves off as eco-conscious. There is no question that advertising, and branding work. Daily we are bombarded by more than 2000 messages telling us how we can improve every little insignificant [...]

What to CANDU?

As the world sits on the precipice of a massive increase in energy consumption, individual nations are looking for ways to produce energy while limiting their carbon output. Although the starry-eyed renewable cheerleaders would have you believe that wind, solar, and geo-thermal will fill the gap, the realists would beg to differ. Indeed it seems [...]

Geo-Engineering: China’s Game Opening Volley

[digg=] Join Jo Ferguson In the Near-Future Explore your options at: Christmas came in early in China this year, as the whole world witnessed the well covered results of China’s efforts to Geo-Engineer it’s way out of the effects of drought…which to the better informed might actually be the effects of Climate Change,  industrial [...]

Nuclear horizon

The atomic horizon. It seems that beyond all the fear, smear, and leftist jeers nuclear power is being touted as a viable solution to rising Co2 emissions throughout the world as leaders decide to expand their national generating capacity. A couple of notables are; China is pursuing nuclear power more enthusiastically and on a bigger [...]

Population Control: Dilluting the real problem

Simple question maybe you can answer it. Are climate change and population growth inseparable? Jo Ferguson has been writing a series examining the population control issue and I just felt like getting my hands dirty. Most people, myself included would answer inexplicably yes of course they are, more people equates more mouths to feed, more [...]

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