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Canadians Crank Conditioners, Burn Through Cash

Building conditioners

A new survey from Direct Energy says that 64% of Canadians keep the summer temperature of their homes at 22 degrees or lower. Direct Energy considers that to be absolutely frigid and is encouraging people to reassess their energy habits. Interestingly, the survey also concluded that half of Canadians do not know how much energy [...]

A shining example of conservation policy? Look westward

Earlier this year the World Economic Forum in partnership with IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates (IHS CERA)  a leading global energy advisory group, released the Energy Vision Update 2010: Towards A More Energy Efficient World. The report provides the chief executive officers and senior executives of the world’s leading companies as well as select energy [...]

'Time of use pricing' will help us all

If you throw in a load of laundry at five o’clock on a weekday afternoon, it will cost you 73 cents. But if you delay that chore until late in the evening, you’ll pay just 34 cents. Ontario is the first province in Canada to introduce time-of-use pricing designed to encourage electricity consumers to reduce [...]

Are we killing ourselves with Satire?

[digg=] Climate Change is here and while a couple of kooky fringe artists continue to question it’s existence the rest of us have come to grips with the fact that we are heating up this earth. Indeed global warming is the defining issue of our generation and lack of substantive action will have a dire [...]

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