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AECL Sale Update: What We Know

Two weeks ago, the Canadian government announced the sale of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, a crown corporation which is responsible for Canadian nuclear research and development and the sale of CANDU reactors. Few details regarding the controversial sale have been released. That being said, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to construct a breakdown of [...]

Ireland finally making the push towards nuclear

There are rumblings in Ireland that indicate the country may be moving towards developing a nuclear energy program, a move that would finally put Ireland on equal footing with most of the developed world. Ireland has long shunned nuclear power — since 1986, in fact — when the Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded and irradiated the [...]

Bonneville Power Administration Forced to Shut Down Wind Power

The land of federal subsidies is a strange place, where often the ideals and agendas of political leaders conflict with actual economic realities. Take, for instance, the problem facing Pacific Northwest energy company Bonneville Power. Tax incentives, such as the United States Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit, have led to the creation of a large [...]

Premier Dalton McGuinty Hands Out Paper Leaflet to Defend his Green Energy Initiatives

Premier Dalton McGuinty might just be leaving Ontarians an early valentine in their mailboxes this week. The Ontario Liberal Government is doing its best to explain to the public why its green energy initiatives are worth the substantial public subsidy they require to maintain, as well as the skyrocketing energy costs they’re responsible for. But [...]

New Study Suggests Benefits of Green Energy Act may be Exaggerated

A new report, conducted by the Task Force on Competitiveness, Productivity and Economic Progress, suggests the advertised benefits of the Green Energy Act are exaggerated.  Its criticisms are aimed mainly at the GEA‘s Feed-in-tarrif (FIT), which, provides renewable energy developers with guaranteed pricing over a twenty-year contract term. The rates offered depend on the energy source (solar, wind, [...]

Liberals Vote to Conceal Samsung Energy Deal Details

Samsung Logo

Last week at the Ontario Legislature, Progressive Conservative Energy Critic John Yakabuski put forward a motion requesting that the Ontario government reveal the details of its controversial $7 Billion dollar Green Energy agreement with Samsung.  The Liberals voted the deal remain concealed, whichwindconcernsontario suggests prevents analysis of the ”long-term impact on business and Ontario families who will [...]

Hudak Wants Flat-Rate Energy Pricing Option, Renewed Nuclear Strategy

Trying to build off the momentum gained by the missteps made by the Liberal party this past summer, Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak is beginning to outline his Energy Strategy bit by bit.  Hudak told the Ontario Energy Association last Thursday that Ontarians should have a flat-rate electricity pricing option alongside Dalton McGuinty’s. Under McGuinty’s [...]

The United States and European Union Join Assault on Ontario’s Green Energy Act

This fall looks like it’s turning out to be a dark one for the Ontario Liberal Party. Two weeks after Japan filed an official trade dispute over the Green Energy Act to the WTO,  it looks like two more major world powers have taken issue with McGuinty’s controversial energy policy.  Last Thursday the United States [...]

Progressive Conservatives Making their Voice Heard on Energy Debate

Looks like Tim Hudak Smells Blood…Green blood. As reported by CFRA news talk radio, Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak has demanded the Ontario Government release a “preliminary analysis and Forecast” of Ontario Energy Costs:

Japan and the WTO speak out against Ontario’s Green Energy Act

Dalton Mcgunity and the Ontario Liberal party have once again come under fire for their ailing Green Energy act.  This time the issue isn’t provincial, rather it seems that the negative effects of Mcguinty’s energy policy have gone global. Last week at the WTO conference Japan submitted an appeal criticizing the projectionist nature of Ontario’s [...]

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