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Mr. Suzuki, it’s evolution not revolution

Please Mr. Suzuki, promote evolution not revolution. In a recent article written for,  Canadian celebrity environmentalist David Suzuki suggested that electric cars won’t be enough to curb unsustainable carbon emissions caused by transportation, “Technological developments [such as electric cars etc.] are welcome, but maybe it’s time we started rethinking our car culture as whole. [...]

Wind energy: The most expensive way to not make a difference

Renewable Power is downright expensive and don’t let people tell you different. It also doesn’t do enough to cut back on Co2 emissions.  Now this sounds like some straight up bullsh*t if you been listening to the free rhetoric wind advocates, environmentalists and politicians get to freely spew on a world looking for any positive [...]

The problem with Belo Monte

Yesterday famed “Avatar” Director James Cameron attended a rally in Brazil to protest the construction of the Belo Monte Dam.  Cameron mused  that a real-life “Avatar” battle is playing out in Brazil’s Amazon rain forest, where indigenous groups are trying to halt the construction of a huge hydroelectric project.  So what’s so wrong with hydro [...]

Will they do it? The World Bank is divided on providing loans for dirty fuel

Today the World Bank (WB) will make a decision on whether or not to provide $3.7 billion worth of loans to South African – based power utility Eskom, the world’s fourth largest power company and Africa’s largest carbon emitter (with 40% of South Africa’s total emissions).  Spotty electricity supply which have caused billions of dollars [...]

A place for optimism

For those who didn’t catch my post yesterday I basically lambasted the doomsday scenario apostles and their approach to the future. I feel that dwelling in a defeatist attitude i.e. “No oil = the end of western civilization” is an excuse to ignore the ability of human ingenuity and collective thinking. After throwing my post [...]

Social Climate: Alternative Media (P-I)

[digg=] Aside from a few notable exceptions, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that most of the Mainstream Media won’t be directly involved in actually MAKING any environmental news by at least driving any progressive or new Public Opinions. Fair enough, becauseas we’ve already discussed, It’s not really their job to upset Advertisers much less rail against [...]

Social Climate: Mediating Mob Mentalities (2 of 2)

[digg=] In a previous examination of the “Social Climate”, we briefly looked at the Mainstream Media’s well established role as a multi-faceted driver of Public Opinion. From here on in we’ll simply presume upon its more or less  overt roles in generating public and social ‘change’ in its representations of Public perceptions, and thus the [...]

Superfreakonomics: what happened to moral ambiguity?

When Freakonomics came out in 2005 I was blown away. It was such a new style of critical thinking about how we look at professional competition, crime rates, and success to name a few. It became the run-away book that year and is now used as a text in sociology courses at some pretty distinguished [...]

A day of Action on Climate Change

[digg=] Well the day of global blogging action is upon us and it couldn’t come at a better time. As Copenhagen approaches and world leaders look to construct a new climate change treaty to replace the defunct Kyoto accord new data released this week present a sober reality that Global Warming is real and the [...]

Are we killing ourselves with Satire?

[digg=] Climate Change is here and while a couple of kooky fringe artists continue to question it’s existence the rest of us have come to grips with the fact that we are heating up this earth. Indeed global warming is the defining issue of our generation and lack of substantive action will have a dire [...]

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