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No nukes!!! Same old story from the Greenocracy

So some new news from Greenpeace.  Kumi Naidoo was appointed executive director of the environmental campaign group Greenpeace International this month after two decades leading civil society groups in Africa and internationally. Mr. Naidoo, 44, who is from South Africa, takes over the role at a time when environmentalism increasingly enjoys mainstream status.  Here is [...]

Nuclear horizon

The atomic horizon. It seems that beyond all the fear, smear, and leftist jeers nuclear power is being touted as a viable solution to rising Co2 emissions throughout the world as leaders decide to expand their national generating capacity. A couple of notables are; China is pursuing nuclear power more enthusiastically and on a bigger [...]

Are we Saboteurs?

Is Canada one of the leading road-blocks for a comprehensive climate change treaty to come out of Copenhagen? No no of course not. We’re Canadians right? We believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming. In all progressive international agreements from peace keeping to nuclear non-proliferation treaties, human rights legislation to the establishment of an International criminal court, [...]

Climate Change: Are We Screwed…Yet?

[digg=] Well…We might very well be screwed if we’re just collectively presuming that all those well-organized and vocal groups with the active, vested interests in Environmental concerns will simply clear and lead the way towards positive Climate change, for the rest of us. Of course, it’d be fairly foolish to simply depend on politicians and [...]

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