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AECL Sale Update: What We Know

Two weeks ago, the Canadian government announced the sale of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, a crown corporation which is responsible for Canadian nuclear research and development and the sale of CANDU reactors. Few details regarding the controversial sale have been released. That being said, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to construct a breakdown of [...]

Micheal Ignatieff gets it right – Discuss

I know Canadian elections are still potentially years away, 2012 at the latest, but these things tend to creep up on you rather quickly.  Being socially very left wing but then relatively center-right on a number of issues I always tend to have a love-hate relationship with our Prime Minister regardless of his associated party.  [...]

Why are we selling this off?

Nuclear reactors in mainland China

Earlier this week Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL) announced that it had successfully burned a fuel bundle that uses Natural Uranium Equivalent (NUE).  NUE is fuel is made by mixing recovered uranium from spent fuel of light water reactors with depleted uranium from enrichment plant tails. According to AECL President and Chief Executive Officer, [...]

the great CANDU sell-off

Well its official, the government has put the CANDU division of the AECL up on the bidding block. As anyone who has followed this story knows, this day was inevitable and now the bids will hopefully fly. In a news release, the government said bids would be assessed on how well they meet a number [...]

Good ole' common disruption

[digg=] Well for anyone who even passively follows Canadian politics I’m sure your aware of the disrupting protest that debilitated Question period on Monday. Held by a group of students calling for action on climate change the protest has taken on many different angles becoming a fiasco but hey it’s connected with canadian politics we [...]

Are we Saboteurs?

Is Canada one of the leading road-blocks for a comprehensive climate change treaty to come out of Copenhagen? No no of course not. We’re Canadians right? We believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming. In all progressive international agreements from peace keeping to nuclear non-proliferation treaties, human rights legislation to the establishment of an International criminal court, [...]

A Captive Market for Carbon

Probe the Near-Future for it’s potential… Join Jo Ferguson at Explore all future possibilities of this subjects at: [digg=] The concept of Climate Change is indeed big and scary… Just like Life, Climate Change is complex, confusing, full of surprises, and just like Life (as we know it), too much time spent simply [...]

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