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Sardines, Jackfruit being converted into Biofuels in India.

The State Task Force on Biofuels in Mangalore, India, is designing alternative energy initatives intended to increase the production of biofuels from agricultural waste. Most interesting , is their plan to convert jackfruit, cashew apples, and sardine oil into biofuel.  Chairman of the State Task Force Y.B. Ramakrishna stresses that coastal regions of India must [...]

What to CANDU?

As the world sits on the precipice of a massive increase in energy consumption, individual nations are looking for ways to produce energy while limiting their carbon output. Although the starry-eyed renewable cheerleaders would have you believe that wind, solar, and geo-thermal will fill the gap, the realists would beg to differ. Indeed it seems [...]

Exporting our nuclear apathy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s recent trip to India this week was met with some resounding success, in a diplomatic relationship that has been on the cold side of the bed for about 35 years. “This trip is, in a sense, the culmination but also the jumping-off point,” Mr. Harper told reporters yesterday. A jumping off [...]

Optimist or Skeptic? Will Copenhagen be successful?

If you happened to catch Yesterday’s post Cop15: IS this really the best we can do? A scourge of skepticism might have risen up in your person. Indeed as many observers have written, the UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December is doomed to fail for a handful of reasons. The failed example of Kyoto, [...]

Obama addresses United Nations.

President Barack Obama made a speech to the United Nations General Assembly describing the threat of Global Warming and action that must be taken to curb rising emissions. [vodpod id=Groupvideo.3478328&w=425&h=350&fv=] more about “Obama addresses United Nations“, posted with vodpod Besides the now redundantly grandiose tone to Obama’s speeches, this one really seemed to stick in [...]

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