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British Columbia Embracing Pine Beetle Crisis as Source of Green Energy


It’s no secret that the Pine Beetle crisis in British Columbia has had a devastating social, economic, and ecological impact on Canada’s western most Province.  The rice-sized insects have caused enormous irreparable damage to British Columbia’s interior,  and led to desperate seasonal forest burns to try and curb the beetle’s spread Pine beetles kill trees by tunneling into the phloem [...]

Our oily elephant

In the eye of any passive observer Canada seems to be the proverbial dog of these Copenhagen climate discussions. We are being lambasted by NGO’s and the UN as a laggard when it comes to emission reduction targets, Carbon pricing and funding for developed nations who are shifting away from carbon intensive energy. Canadian emissions [...]

Good ole' common disruption

[digg=] Well for anyone who even passively follows Canadian politics I’m sure your aware of the disrupting protest that debilitated Question period on Monday. Held by a group of students calling for action on climate change the protest has taken on many different angles becoming a fiasco but hey it’s connected with canadian politics we [...]

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