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Environmental Impacts of Post-Modern Journalism

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A lot of people seem to be waiting for the Future to finally arrive… As though it will be handed down by divine providence, or commercialised out of the efforts of scientists at MIT or inventive researchers at an ivy-league school. Others seem to share an unconscious knowledge that the future is constantly taking shape [...]

Are PR Pros Punking the Press?

When it comes to acheiving what’s best for the Environment, can we trust Public Relations to represent what the Public actually desires…in it’s efforts to satisfy its corporate clientel?

Geo-Engineering: China’s Game Opening Volley

[digg=] Join Jo Ferguson In the Near-Future Explore your options at: Christmas came in early in China this year, as the whole world witnessed the well covered results of China’s efforts to Geo-Engineer it’s way out of the effects of drought…which to the better informed might actually be the effects of Climate Change,  industrial [...]

PR Values: Remembering the Brave

[digg=] In our look at the Social Climate, it has become increasingly clear that unless the Mainstream Media can radically change the way it gathers, presents, and distributes its environmental news and socio-politically relevant information, that we might well need to increasingly turn to alternate (more independent) mediums and channels in order to form and [...]

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