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Progressive Conservatives Making their Voice Heard on Energy Debate

Looks like Tim Hudak Smells Blood…Green blood. As reported by CFRA news talk radio, Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak has demanded the Ontario Government release a “preliminary analysis and Forecast” of Ontario Energy Costs:

Japan and the WTO speak out against Ontario’s Green Energy Act

Dalton Mcgunity and the Ontario Liberal party have once again come under fire for their ailing Green Energy act.  This time the issue isn’t provincial, rather it seems that the negative effects of Mcguinty’s energy policy have gone global. Last week at the WTO conference Japan submitted an appeal criticizing the projectionist nature of Ontario’s [...]

An unconstitutional tax of just a fee to clean up our act?

A $53.7 million “fee” imposed on electricity users to support green energy programs is not just expensive, it’s illegal, says a study prepared for the C.D. Howe Institute.  That’s because the fee is really a tax, says the study. And taxes must be approved by the Legislature.  “Almost any economist would say it’s an indirect [...]

Earth day 2010: Not conservation but rather manipulation

Happy earth day everyone !!! Praise the mother earth in all of her glory !!! The rise of the environmental movement to interject and influence public policy has grown dramatically since the inception of Earth day 40 years ago.  One example of this is the far-reaching campaign is that of the Ontario government and private [...]

Cabinet shuffle won't solve the problems

The Ontario cabinet shuffle announced Monday were the most comprehensive changes to cabinet since Premier Dalton McGuinty first won majority government in 2003. The changes also come come as an attempt to energize the Liberal benches, which have recently been beset by scandal and mounting challenges on other fronts. MMP Brad Duguid (Scarborough centre) will [...]

Luring investors with a guarantee

On January 29, 2010 a grouping of venture capitalists, green energy enthusiasts and energy industry insiders will be convening in Toronto to discuss the Green Energy Act (GEA) and its newly established Feed-in Tariff program (FIT). The GEA Finance Forum will present financial sector attendees with information about the investment opportunities presented by the new [...]

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