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Can Fukushima Happen In Ontario? New Report Says Impossible

In the wake of Fukushima’s nuclear accident, Ontario Power Generation revaluated its safety and emergency preparedness.
OPG filed a report with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission at the end of April which included a review of its systems and equipment. It concluded that Ontario’s nuclear plants are safe and will continue to be. However, there is always room for improvement and OPG is now exploring ways to better deal with spent fuel rods and excess hydrogen build up.

Ireland finally making the push towards nuclear

There are rumblings in Ireland that indicate the country may be moving towards developing a nuclear energy program, a move that would finally put Ireland on equal footing with most of the developed world. Ireland has long shunned nuclear power — since 1986, in fact — when the Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded and irradiated the [...]

Innovation Before Implementation: Why Obama has US Energy policy right.

During American President Barack Obama‘s equally applauded and mocked State of the Union Address, he made clear his intention to reform America’s energy portfolio.  He promised to alter the US energy focus onto clean energy sources while cutting government assistance to the oil and coal industry, sinking those saved dollars into alternative energy research and [...]

IBM and its tired solutions

Well I hope that everyone out there had a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. For me it was a good time to recharge the batteries and get some reading in (the new superfreakonomics was great!!) But one thing that irked me over the holiday break was the ‘smarter resources’ commercial, the newest installment of IBM’s ‘smarter [...]

No nukes!!! Same old story from the Greenocracy

So some new news from Greenpeace.  Kumi Naidoo was appointed executive director of the environmental campaign group Greenpeace International this month after two decades leading civil society groups in Africa and internationally. Mr. Naidoo, 44, who is from South Africa, takes over the role at a time when environmentalism increasingly enjoys mainstream status.  Here is [...]

The atomic headache.

[digg=] So it seems that nuclear has become entangled in the debate over America’s energy future with senate republicans calling for nuclear power to play a much larger role in the energy and climate bill. John Rowe, chief executive of Exelon—the biggest operator of nuclear plants in the country – has called for an inclusion [...]

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