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Japan and the WTO speak out against Ontario’s Green Energy Act

Dalton Mcgunity and the Ontario Liberal party have once again come under fire for their ailing Green Energy act.  This time the issue isn’t provincial, rather it seems that the negative effects of Mcguinty’s energy policy have gone global. Last week at the WTO conference Japan submitted an appeal criticizing the projectionist nature of Ontario’s [...]

Green Economy in Ontario?

The call for a massive transformation of our manufacturing sector from a ‘blue’ collar workforce to that of a ‘green’ collar one has had significant influence on our elected leaders as they weight the different options to spur an economic revival. The Green Energy Act (GEA) is hedged upon the very idea that ‘green’ jobs [...]

No experience? What about innovation?

The Ontario governments announcement last week of a $7 billion ‘manufacturing’ investment deal with Samsung has been met with a large amount of criticism and scorn. Many people are wondering why a back room agreement had to be utilized to hook the South Korean giant. With all the government bailouts and corporate malfeasance that has [...]

Social Climate: Alternative Media (P-I)

[digg=] Aside from a few notable exceptions, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that most of the Mainstream Media won’t be directly involved in actually MAKING any environmental news by at least driving any progressive or new Public Opinions. Fair enough, becauseas we’ve already discussed, It’s not really their job to upset Advertisers much less rail against [...]

Population Control: Mixxing Sex and Politics

[digg=] In a recent article on Population Control, we touched on some research by Thomas Wire at the London School of Economics that promised an incredibly cost effective way to reduce our carbon footprint on this planet, simply by providing birth control to those who need it. Commissioned by the Optimum Population Trust (an environmental [...]

Stones And Oil

Last weekend Prince Turki al-Faisal of Saudi Arabia, a former ambassador to the United States and a nephew to King Abdullah, wrote a strongly worded essay in Foreign Policy magazine condemning the new American administrations move towards energy independence. Although I agree with any movement away from fossil fuels, Mr. al-Faisal made some provocative points [...]

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