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US Renewable Energy Outpaces Nuclear: The Reality

Recently, a news story was published that American renewable energy production outpaced nuclear production in the first quarter of 2011. The 5.6 percent difference was included in a US Energy Information Administration report, the news of which caused a stir online. But news is not always new because this is not the first time this [...]

Wind Power Bashed In Britain

Britain’s wind power industry has exploded in recent years as the government has committed to strict carbon emission reductions. However, last week was a bad one for the industry. It was battered from all sides as stories about wind farm revolts in Wales and green energy bill increases made the national news. 1500 protesters gathered [...]

Empire State Building to Offset 100% of its Energy Carbon Emissions

New York City’s iconic symbol of American Commerce is in the process of a major Green overhaul. As part of this makeover, the tower’s manager, Anthony Malkin, recently announced a deal which will add Green Energy to their sustainability plan. The tower has worked out a deal with carbon offset supplier Green Mountain Energy to [...]

Tim Hudak Takes His Stand on Ontario Energy Policy

Last Friday, in an article in the Toronto Star, Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak finally outlined what he would do with regards to energy policy if he were to win the 2011 Ontario election. Hudak began his article with a critique of Premier Dalton McGuinty‘s current energy policies, echoing many of the concerns articulated over [...]

The Wind Stops Blowing in the U.K as Geothermal Heats up in Canada

It appears the momentum gained by the wind energy industry over the last few years is beginning to slow, at least in the U.K. U.K analysts are suggesting that by 2013, the installation of offshore wind farms will drop 93%. The slump is being predicted by an equal drop in sales of equipment used to [...]

Consumer Cost of Ontario Green Energy Act: not as green as we thought

It appears that Ontario’s rough summer for energy policy has been extended into the fall. Last Thursday at the Ontario legislature, the New Democratic Party brought to light another questionable semi-clandestine energy policy mov e made by Dalton McGuinty’s liberal government.  In March of this year the Ontario Liberal Party quietly decided to allow the [...]

Green Economy in Ontario?

The call for a massive transformation of our manufacturing sector from a ‘blue’ collar workforce to that of a ‘green’ collar one has had significant influence on our elected leaders as they weight the different options to spur an economic revival. The Green Energy Act (GEA) is hedged upon the very idea that ‘green’ jobs [...]

Why the Green Energy Act misses the target.

I was lazily perusing an outdated (Sept.30, who likes old news) Globe and Mail last Monday on my day off, trying to recover from the bountiful amount of turkey and stuffing I had consumed over Sunday when I came across a full page ad/op-ed piece by the Power Workers’ Union (PWU). Now for those of [...]

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