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Hudak Wants Flat-Rate Energy Pricing Option, Renewed Nuclear Strategy

Trying to build off the momentum gained by the missteps made by the Liberal party this past summer, Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak is beginning to outline his Energy Strategy bit by bit.  Hudak told the Ontario Energy Association last Thursday that Ontarians should have a flat-rate electricity pricing option alongside Dalton McGuinty’s. Under McGuinty’s [...]

When Solar make sense

Solar power -  its abundant, clean and good for the environment providing electricity that is carbon free and renewable. But is it affordable? Hardly, if a homeowner were to install a 3 kw photo-voltaic solar panel on their rooftop the system would cost $30 000. ouch! But newly minted Toronto-based Pure Energies is out to [...]

Canada and oil: Street hustler vs. Addiction Counsellor

Three of the biggest oil companies in Canada are projected to receive more in corporate tax cuts than what the Harper government plans to spend on green initiatives, an analysis by the NDP concludes.  The analysis estimates that Encana, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. and Imperial Oil will benefit from more than $440 million in tax [...]

Former OPA head has the right idea

This is an oldie but a goodie.  The fifth estate did a story in 2008 entitled  “The Gospel of Green”.  The piece basically praises the renewable movement in Germany under the divine supervision of Hermann Scheer or as he has been aptly nicknamed  ‘Europe’s Al Gore’.  The piece then goes on to question the conventional [...]

'Clean15' announces new contest

The second “Clean 15“  competition was launched yesterday and the expectations for this years entries are extremely optimistic.     The “Clean 15″ clean-tech competition connects visionary large companies with Canadian clean-tech opportunities. The relationships are intended to facilitate commercialization for Canada’s clean-tech researchers and developers, as well as support and stimulate the country’s clean-tech [...]

A natural progression?

A recent Toronto Star editorial this past weekend has brought to light the elements of uncertainty with the future of Ontario’s energy supply. Last week the province announced it will spend $300 million to keep the Pickering nuclear station afloat for another 10 years. The aging Pickering nuclear facility is scheduled to close by 2020 [...]

Luring investors with a guarantee

On January 29, 2010 a grouping of venture capitalists, green energy enthusiasts and energy industry insiders will be convening in Toronto to discuss the Green Energy Act (GEA) and its newly established Feed-in Tariff program (FIT). The GEA Finance Forum will present financial sector attendees with information about the investment opportunities presented by the new [...]

Dismal winter exposes cracks in green infrastructure

Earlier this month British Prime minister Gordon Brown backed up his green energy rhetoric by launching a £100bn program to build thousands of offshore wind turbines that could power most of Britain’s households during strong winds and are crucial to meeting the country’s renewable targets. The projects will be bigger than anything which exists today [...]

Greening the Rust-Belt

[digg=] Come explore the Future of our Environment ! Re-Join with Jo Fergus at: Simplistically speaking, someone, somewhere might just call it “Corporate Welfare” (or worse), but a couple of smaller renewable energy players are planning something really big in the State of Michigan The central hub to these plans would be a sprawling [...]

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