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Obama Wants Green Planes

Yesterday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced, at the National Press Club,  a new measure to develop jet fuel from crop residues.  He suggests that, “By producing more Biofuels in America, we will create jobs, combat global warming, replace our dependence on foreign oil, and build a stronger foundation for the 21st century economy.  “ The [...]

Our oily elephant

In the eye of any passive observer Canada seems to be the proverbial dog of these Copenhagen climate discussions. We are being lambasted by NGO’s and the UN as a laggard when it comes to emission reduction targets, Carbon pricing and funding for developed nations who are shifting away from carbon intensive energy. Canadian emissions [...]

Exporting our nuclear apathy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s recent trip to India this week was met with some resounding success, in a diplomatic relationship that has been on the cold side of the bed for about 35 years. “This trip is, in a sense, the culmination but also the jumping-off point,” Mr. Harper told reporters yesterday. A jumping off [...]

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