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US Renewable Energy Outpaces Nuclear: The Reality

Recently, a news story was published that American renewable energy production outpaced nuclear production in the first quarter of 2011. The 5.6 percent difference was included in a US Energy Information Administration report, the news of which caused a stir online. But news is not always new because this is not the first time this [...]

Wind Power Bashed In Britain

Britain’s wind power industry has exploded in recent years as the government has committed to strict carbon emission reductions. However, last week was a bad one for the industry. It was battered from all sides as stories about wind farm revolts in Wales and green energy bill increases made the national news. 1500 protesters gathered [...]

Pond Scum Power!

While the rest of us have been arguing about this or that form of energy, scientists have been steadily improving the world’s next amazing technology: pond scum power. Actually, hydrogen produced from algae. Researchers at MIT recently found a way to boost the organism’s hydrogen production by 400%, bringing the process one step closer to [...]

Premier Dalton McGuinty Hands Out Paper Leaflet to Defend his Green Energy Initiatives

Premier Dalton McGuinty might just be leaving Ontarians an early valentine in their mailboxes this week. The Ontario Liberal Government is doing its best to explain to the public why its green energy initiatives are worth the substantial public subsidy they require to maintain, as well as the skyrocketing energy costs they’re responsible for. But [...]

'Clean15' announces new contest

The second “Clean 15“  competition was launched yesterday and the expectations for this years entries are extremely optimistic.     The “Clean 15″ clean-tech competition connects visionary large companies with Canadian clean-tech opportunities. The relationships are intended to facilitate commercialization for Canada’s clean-tech researchers and developers, as well as support and stimulate the country’s clean-tech [...]

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