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US Renewable Energy Outpaces Nuclear: The Reality

Recently, a news story was published that American renewable energy production outpaced nuclear production in the first quarter of 2011. The 5.6 percent difference was included in a US Energy Information Administration report, the news of which caused a stir online. But news is not always new because this is not the first time this [...]

Environment’s greatest foes to face justice?

Almost a year after the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster,  it appears oil giant British Petroleum may have to face the music in court after all.  The trial, still only a possibility, hinges around whether or not the corner-cutting perpetrated by BP managers knowingly endangered Deepwater workers and directly led to the 11 deaths that occurred aboard the rig. Though [...]

Ireland finally making the push towards nuclear

There are rumblings in Ireland that indicate the country may be moving towards developing a nuclear energy program, a move that would finally put Ireland on equal footing with most of the developed world. Ireland has long shunned nuclear power — since 1986, in fact — when the Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded and irradiated the [...]

Bonneville Power Administration Forced to Shut Down Wind Power

The land of federal subsidies is a strange place, where often the ideals and agendas of political leaders conflict with actual economic realities. Take, for instance, the problem facing Pacific Northwest energy company Bonneville Power. Tax incentives, such as the United States Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit, have led to the creation of a large [...]

Innovation Before Implementation: Why Obama has US Energy policy right.

During American President Barack Obama‘s equally applauded and mocked State of the Union Address, he made clear his intention to reform America’s energy portfolio.  He promised to alter the US energy focus onto clean energy sources while cutting government assistance to the oil and coal industry, sinking those saved dollars into alternative energy research and [...]

Look Who’s Back: Tony Hayward makes eastern promises

Oh how quickly we forget (er, don’t care). Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has granted British Petroleum Plc access to 125,000 square kilometers of Arctic Ocean for offshore drilling. Putin seems to be confident that BP has learned from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and won’t repeat the failures of the past. The ocean area [...]

Empire State Building to Offset 100% of its Energy Carbon Emissions

New York City’s iconic symbol of American Commerce is in the process of a major Green overhaul. As part of this makeover, the tower’s manager, Anthony Malkin, recently announced a deal which will add Green Energy to their sustainability plan. The tower has worked out a deal with carbon offset supplier Green Mountain Energy to [...]

Obama Wants Green Planes

Yesterday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced, at the National Press Club,  a new measure to develop jet fuel from crop residues.  He suggests that, “By producing more Biofuels in America, we will create jobs, combat global warming, replace our dependence on foreign oil, and build a stronger foundation for the 21st century economy.  “ The [...]

The Long-Term Effects of the Green Energy Act Failure

Fixing the damage caused by Dalton McGuinty’s failed energy act may be more difficult than simple policy reform. Upon reading a recent article posted on the Ontario-based environmental blog “Enviralment”, I was reminded of just how much leverage simple politics has in influencing governmental decision making.  Then, earlier this week, the Globe and Mail printed [...]

Will they do it? The World Bank is divided on providing loans for dirty fuel

Today the World Bank (WB) will make a decision on whether or not to provide $3.7 billion worth of loans to South African – based power utility Eskom, the world’s fourth largest power company and Africa’s largest carbon emitter (with 40% of South Africa’s total emissions).  Spotty electricity supply which have caused billions of dollars [...]

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