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A natural progression?

A recent Toronto Star editorial this past weekend has brought to light the elements of uncertainty with the future of Ontario’s energy supply. Last week the province announced it will spend $300 million to keep the Pickering nuclear station afloat for another 10 years. The aging Pickering nuclear facility is scheduled to close by 2020 [...]

No experience? What about innovation?

The Ontario governments announcement last week of a $7 billion ‘manufacturing’ investment deal with Samsung has been met with a large amount of criticism and scorn. Many people are wondering why a back room agreement had to be utilized to hook the South Korean giant. With all the government bailouts and corporate malfeasance that has [...]

T. Boone and wind have a falling out

In 2008 T. Boone Pickens had a vision. To replace the 22% of the electricity that the United States gets from natural gas with wind energy, which would then allow natural gas to provide 38% of the nation’s fuel for transportation and reduce its dependence on foreign oil. The Pickens Plan calls for the United [...]

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